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Advanced Global Tracking's  Most Popular Units
Click on the Image below for More Info on each product.
We Will Customize a Tracking Solution to
Fit your Needs !

  • Small Fleets or Large Fleets.
  • Rental Vehicles: cars, trucks, cycles.
  • Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers.
  • Cars, Teens, even Dogs.
  • Boats or Yachts.
  • Satellite Tracking also Available
  • Private Investigators
  • Provide:
  •   Peace of Mind
  •   Anti-Theft

agtquad Advanced Global Tracking's WorldTracker Quad GPS

Worldwide coverage, 2 weeks continuous tracking capability. This unit makes a great
Personal GPS Locater Device.  With a panic button and emergency voice response and
the capability of 5 second updates, this GPS tracker is a must for personal safety.
Ideal for asset management, package tracking and covert tracking as well.
gatkeys GPS Global Asset Tracker

Activate this GPS tracking device when your asset goes missing or stolen. In stand-by mode
the GPS Global Asset Tracker is capable of lasting 3 years before needing a re-charge.
With a hibernating battery pack, 7 years of battery life makes this GPS tracker, Versatile.
avl AGT AVL WorldTracker
The Best solution for Fleet Management ! Know where your entire fleet is at all times.
Download reports for Stops, Speed, Distance. Keep employees honest about their time
in the field. Geo fencing for Security, Fuel and Time Management.
avl AGT AVL-300i WorldTracker

SImilar in function to our AVL WorldTracker. The AVL-300i contains a different chipset that
allows for internal antennas, Motion Sensing capability, Tow Alarm, etc. Built in battery
back-up with more efficient power management offers piece of mind if main power is cut.
smsgps AGT Enduro Pro WorldTracker

Put the world at your fingertips. This GPS Tracker is as compact as it is effective. The size
of a credit card, the Enduro Pro GPS Tracker is an affordable, accurate and reliable tracker.
The Advanced Global Tracking Enduro Pro WorldTracker is a valuable tool.
gprs AGT GPRS WorldTracker

Real-Time updates every 15 seconds is the key to the GPRS WorldTracker's popularity.
This tiny, discreet, accurate and reliable unit is as large as a set of car keys. Functions very
well with detailed Mapping from Google and Microsoft.
Hibernating Battery Pack

Add charge time to your un-hooked GPS Tracker. Place this Battery Pack in a trailer, package,
vehicle or anything you want to track that doesn't have a power source readily available.
Extend your Tracking time to 60 - 90 days.

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