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GPS Global Asset Tracker
Our Newest GPS Tracking Unit


Uses for the GPS Global Asset Tracker
  • security for any stationary object - atm's, car collection, construction tool boxes, etc.
  • panic button  - For extra security / closed loop wire activates when broken.
  • computers - motion detector will activate if computer is taken
  • Proprietary technology - added security, knowing if your valuable equipment goes missing.
The GPS Global Asset Tracker  works Worldwide in Quad mode on 850/900/1800/1900 frequency bands.

This is a small device that can be placed or hidden in any vehicle or asset. This GPS Tracker usually lies in a deep sleep mode, waking each day for a limited amount of time to receive any programming or automatic updates necessary.

Motion detection of gforces will wake this unit and begin to transmit location if desired.

Up to 3 years battery life on internal batteries. Or extended battery life with the optional external battery pack.

  Extend duty between charges
 up to 7 years.
Optional 18 amp/hour
External Battery Pack

   Available for use with Global Asset Tracker is
     a specially designed hibernating lithium ion
     battery pack that will extend the Asset Trackers
     charge time to approximately 7 years.  
     The battery pack is housed in a magnetic
     weather resistant and crush proof Pelican case.
     At 5.43 inches long, this is a great addition
     for your security and tracking requirements.

GPS Global Asset Tracker Data

Hardware Features:

       GPRS / SMS

     Up to 5.000 location / activation messages can be saved (automatic)

     Built in motion detector

     3.7 Volt Li-ion battery with optional high power lithium batteries and waterproof housing.

    Panic button (will power up the unit from deep sleep mode)

     Super low battery use in deep sleep mode (low power timer on) (Up to 3 years with 3.7V/960mA battery)

    Timer circuit can wake up unit by time (hours – minutes – seconds – days months) or any configured time or date.

    Time backup battery will last up to 3+ years without battery or external power connected.

    18 Pin mini multi I/O connector

    One digital input (0 to 60VDC)

    One analog – digital input (3.3VDC)

    Built in active high performance GPS antenna

    Unit can be activated from deep sleep mode using Panic button, wire connection (will activate the unit when wire is broken or cut), or when closed loop is opened.

    Low battery LED indicator

    GPS status LED indicator

    Built-in buzzer for warning and motion detection (can be switched off)

    Operating temperature range -25 deg. C to +70 deg. C (Battery 0 – +60 Degrees C.)

Power use:
Lasts up to 3 years on internal battery or 7 years on optional external 18 amp/hr batteries.

Physical Characteristics:
Unit size: 90.5x 39 x 15.5 mm (3.56 x 1.53 x .61 in)

Case Environmental Characteristics:

  • Operational Temperature: - 25 ~ + 70 C
  • Storage temperature -40C to +80C
  • 1 Multi I/O connector (18 pin with locking pins)

Electrical Characteristics:
Input Voltage: + 5 Volt DC regulated (USB port power)

GSM Modem:
SIM-COM Quad band 1900/850/900/1800 Megahertz

GPS Receiver:
uBlox- LEA-4S chipset version (default)

Power use:
Lasts up to 3 years on internal battery or 7 years on optional external 18 amp/hr batteries.

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