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SMS WorldTracker
Fast, Reliable, Accurate


Possible uses for the SMS WorldTracker

The SMS WorldTracker is a Tri-Band GSM Module on either 850/1800/1900mhz or  900/1800/1900 frequency bands. Worldwide coverage.

One of the most affordable and complete mobile tracking devices on the market today, provides vehicle monitoring, personal safety, security and recovery service.

SMS WorldTracker uses SiRF star III technology  for improved performance when the tracking unit travels indoors, parking garages or other areas that might have poor reception.

Durable lightweight, water resistant housing. 

Can be hooked up to 12 volt DC, for permanent hardwire connection.

Can Be accessed and programmed via SMS messages sent from any cell phone.

smspakExtend  the SMS WorldTracker Battery
up to 90 days.

Wiith the Hibernating Battery Pack

To increase tracking time
Click Here

Advanced Global Tracking System


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